IDC – Equinix Much More Than a Colocation Provider – An Integral Part of the Hyperscale Cloud Ecosystem

Aug 19, 2019

Key Takeaways: 

  • Equinix’s channel strategy is to form key alliance relationships with large technology providers and then create a joint value proposition with that alliance partner.  That joint value proposition can then be leveraged with specific joint capabilities to recruit channel partners to work with predefined sales plays.  It has a particular focus on deepening its hyperscale partnerships
  • Equinix is expanding its “Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric” to facilitate global coverage and its launching new services that will facilitate digital transactions closer to the edge of the enterprise network.
  • Equinix’s interconnection capability gives channel partners efficient ways to design solutions for customers that are more efficient and lower cost.
  • Equinix Marketplace enables customers to find partners, digital tools, and services.  The marketplace provides a means to access interconnections by enabling buyers and sellers to easily find and connect with each other in over 50 markets around the world.  Partners can locate and integrate best-in-class provider offerings via the marketplace.
  • Equinix Internet Exchange is the most widely distributed peering and traffic exchange, peering 2,500GBs of IP traffic to over 90% of the world’s internet routes.

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