ImaginAb joins MassBio

Jun 25, 2024

ImaginAb joins MassBio

We are proud to announce we are now members of MassBio. ImaginAb is a clinical stage, revenue-generating global biotechnology company developing the next generation of imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT) products through its proprietary minibody and cys-diabody platforms.  

Our lead candidate 89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam (CD8 ImmunoPET™) imaging agent is currently in Phase IIb clinical trials and has been licensed by numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies for use in imaging within their immunotherapy clinical trials, primarily in oncology. CD8 ImmunoPET TMis an investigational imaging agent comprising an 89Zr-labeled minibody that enables quantitative, non-invasive, whole-body PET imaging of CD8+ cells. It is infused in the body, binds to CD8+ cells, and imaged using a standard PET camera. This creates a head-to-toe profile and provides a comprehensive view of the CD8 Immune status of a study subject, including CD8 tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs).  

While the use of CD8 ImmunoPET has been used primarily in immuno-oncology clinical trials, other clinical studies have utilized the imaging agent in imaging of COVID-19 patients, MS patients, and neoadjuvant treatment prior to surgical procedures.  

Our Radiopharmaceutical Therapy agents utilize targeted radiation to kill cancer. It is our therapy solution based on our minibody and cys-diabodies platform technologies. 

As members of MassBio, we look forward to engaging with fellow leaders in the biotechnology field, participating in vital conversations and contributing to the advances that shape the field of science and healthcare.  


For inquiries regarding our next-generation imaging agent and radiopharmaceuticals, email,  


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