Karyopharm Steps Up During Covid-19

Apr 24, 2020

Posted by Karyopharm Therapeutics

In case you are not familiar with Karyopharm Therapeutics, we are a Newton-based pharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery, development, and commercialization of medicines to treat patients with cancer. While we have just announced the initiation of a global clinical trial in evaluating our lead investigational compound in hospitalized patients with COVID-19, we as a company have also been rolling out several initiatives that have been making a positive impact amongst employees, their families, and the local community. All of these activities are known as a bigger initiative we are calling KaryoConnect, a way to keep employees connected during the pandemic while also supporting the communities that have served us in the past. We feel as though these topics would be great to share with BostInno readers as they can provide helpful ideas and insights to similar companies in the industry.

  • Karyopharm sends PPE to all 300+ employee around the globe. The care packages included enough masks and gloves to keep the employees and their families safe and comfortable for the time being. (We have also made donations to healthcare providers and patients across the globe)
  • Karyopharm is providing employees with a $50 lunch allowance to purchase food from local and small businesses for the month of April. This is equivalent to over $15,000 in support of local and small restaurants
  • The company’s Information Technology department has ensured maximum efficiency and comfort for our employees working from home by providing equipment to set up home offices
  • Karyopharm’s Human Resources department has put together a whole slew of health and wellness initiatives which include creating and hosting “Mindful Eating” and “Creating Computer Comfort” webinars as well as a competitive step challenge amongst employees.
  • Karyopharm has a talented acapella group that managed to come together virtually and created a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” for our employees with April Birthday’s
  • Lastly, Karyopharm ran a “Wall of Thanks” campaign, where the company asked the employees to create Thank You graphics to the front-line workers of Covid-19.

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