Kitchener Biotech Rapid Novor Raised $5M USD to Decode Immune System

Jul 30, 2020

KITCHENER, Ontario (PRWEB) July 28, 2020 — Rapid Novor Inc., the world’s leader in antibody protein
sequencing using mass spectrometry, announced today that it has secured a $5 million US dollar Series A round
of financing led by Co-Win Venture. The investment will accelerate the company’s growth in technological and
clinical development toward the company’s long-term goal: decoding the immune system. This funding will
also be used to double the team size in the next one or two years by hiring highly qualified personnel in Canada.
The company just added an additional 11,000 sq ft space in Catalyst137, Kitchener to prepare for the

Founded in 2015, Rapid Novor has developed a proprietary technology to sequence antibodies directly from
protein samples and blood sera. It offers REmAb™, REpAb™ and NovorIg™ services to sequence
monoclonal, and polyclonal antibodies, and profile the vast antibody protein repertoire, respectively. The
company is also actively developing its first clinical assay, EasyM™, a non-invasive and sensitive blood test
for multiple myeloma patients, to monitor residual disease and detect relapse earlier.

In addition to the $5M secured above, the company recently received funding support and advisory services
from the government of Canada under the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program
(NRC IRAP) to support research and development related to the discovery of therapeutic antibodies from the
blood of convalescent COVID-19 patients using its sequencing technology. Formerly, the company has
received support from various funding agencies including BDC, SR&ED, NRC-IRAP, and Ontario Genomics.

“Our technology development is at the tipping point to make direct decoding of the antibody-mediated immune
response a reality,” said Mr. Mingjie Xie, CEO of Rapid Novor. “While the importance of antibodies in
immunity is well understood, there is currently no other technology available to directly sequence and profile
antibody proteins from blood. Our technology fills this void. With insight into the exact antibodies in blood and
their quantity changes over time, we have a wealth of data to mine in relation to infectious diseases,
autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other conditions.”

“The team’s track record of innovation and their ambitious goal to decode immunity attracted us,” said Mr. Eric
Wen, Co-Win Venture Partner. “Rapid Novor has built a team of world-class scientists and practitioners in
proteomics and bioinformatics. Their unique technologies will have profound impact in the life sciences
industry. We are thrilled to be part of this innovative team.”

About Rapid Novor Inc.

Rapid Novor Inc., is the world’s leader in antibody protein sequencing technology. Specializing in the field of
mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the team has developed the technology to directly sequence antibody
proteins without needing access to the producing cell line. As a University of Waterloo spin-off, the company
continues to build its technology portfolios based on over twenty years of scientific research and inventions.
The company’s mission is to advance life science for better human health with next generation protein
sequencing. Rapid Novor is a graduate from the Waterloo Accelerator Centre, is currently a member of
Communitech and a resident company at JLABS @ Toronto. For more information, please visit
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