Launching a BioTech Company

Feb 17, 2021

8 critical considerations from marketing to technology, to top tips for achieving startup success

Posted by ECI - Eze Castle Integration

It may be a pipe dream for most, but the desire to start a BioTech Company is a real one for many. The ability to sustain a new company beyond the first year is a challenging feat, and the barriers to entry are higher than ever. Beyond making legal, operational, and technology decisions to support the business function, new startups are also entering an environment that is more demanding than ever. 

With this culture shift in mind, we have identified 8 critical considerations for new companies to address as they enter the startup phase. Our advice addresses marketing, operations, and of course technology, and should serve as a guide for companies seeking launch success. 

Critical topics explored include:

  • Protecting your BioTech Launch

  • Understand BioTech Regulations & How They Affect Your Firm

  • Selecting the Right Service Provider and Developing an IT Budget

  • Understanding What Your Investors Want

Download Eze Castle’s Whitepaper on Launching a BioTech Company to learn more.

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