Masy BioServices Expands Green Initiative with Completion of Solar Project

Apr 21, 2021

Posted by Masy BioServices

Masy BioServices has expanded its green initiative for environmental sustainability by completing a 2-year solar array project, installing 585 kW carports at their headquarters in Pepperell, MA. Due to the expansion of their biorepository, metrology lab, and renovation of its headquarters, Masy sought a solar solution to reduce its carbon footprint and electricity usage. The solar carport design and size provide energy efficiency for this growing company.

“Our customers are signatories to the UN’s Sustainability Pact,” said Laurie Masiello, President, Masy BioServices. “They encourage us to do our part to improve the environment. We take this responsibility seriously and have incorporated several green initiatives on our campus.”

Along with the solar array carports at their headquarters, 27 Lomar Park in Pepperell, MA, Masy has installed energy-efficient lighting and insulation in all of its buildings; and invested in energy-efficient chambers for its biorepository storage facility. The unique, compact and energy-efficient biorepository walk-in chambers offer -75˚C ultra-low freezer space, -40˚C/-20˚C freezer space, and 5˚C refrigerator space. These energy-efficient chambers can hold as much product as would typically be held in 2,125 reach-in chambers. The non-traditional engineering design of the walk-in chambers maximizes Masy’s green initiative and creates a lower carbon footprint while providing the pharmaceutical product storage space its life science, biopharma, and medical device customers require.

Masy BioServices has provided quality solutions to the life sciences community for over 35 years through an array of services, including calibration of primary standards and critical test equipment; validation and IQ/OQ/PQ of environmental chambers, autoclaves, and thermal warehouse mapping; and lab equipment rentals and sales. Masy has a premier cGMP biorepository, offering secure and tightly controlled temperature storage from -196˚C to 70˚C, including all ICH stability conditions, for various materials including vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, cell banks, tissues, compounds, and medical devices.

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