Medical Goods Supplier Drives Order Fulfillment, Speed and Accuracy

Dec 07, 2020

A global provider of tooth replacement and regeneration solutions recently upgraded from a manual order picking process to a pick-to-light and zone-routing conveyor system to better serve their customers’ growing demands.

After acquiring several businesses in the dental market and experiencing rapid growth, the company outgrew their space to store their product offerings. Product was stored on shelving and manually picked from printed pick tickets. This process was a slow and costly way to fulfill orders and would not be feasible for future growth. 

The company leased additional space that had become available in their building to help manage some of their growth and meet rising marketplace demands. However, they still needed to maximize space, upgrade the efficiency of processing orders and reduce shipping errors between picking and packing processes in their distribution center.

View the PDF to learn more about the solutions and results.

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