Middlesex Gases Announces Launch of New Website

Feb 22, 2021

EVERETT, MA, February 22, 2021 – Middlesex Gases is an elite gas supplier for the New England life science industry. To better serve this emerging sector, Middlesex Gases is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website (www.middlesexgases.com).

The website offers a modern design using a recently branded logo, bold colors and easy-to-read content. The goal was to enhance the user-experience through movement and improved navigation, while emphasizing gas products and services with engaging visuals.

“Having a strong visual site,” says Ron Perry, Director of Sales & Marketing for Middlesex Gases, “shows our customers the commitment we have to their needs. At a glance, they are quickly able to see our impressive fleet and large inventory of cylinders and liquid dewars.”

Other website features include: a spinning DNA video introduction (on the desktop platform), a live Twitter feed on the home page, and an interactive safety quiz and history slider. The addition of a FAQ page gives customers easy access to commonly asked questions. “We tried to put as much information as possible into the site to help the customer,” says Ron Perry.

The new website also highlights the recent expansion of a state-of-the-art specialty gas laboratory built in 2020. This is one of the many advances Middlesex Gases has made to better serve its life science customers. “We now have the capabilities of filling both nonflammable and flammable mixtures automatically. The time savings alone will drastically impact our customers,” says Perry. He continues, “We take pride in our offering the best products and services, and I hope that shows through on our new website.”


Based in Massachusetts, Middlesex Gases started out as a gas and welding supplier over
70 years ago.
Today, Middlesex Gases focuses on providing specialty gases and equipment for the life science market. With three fill plants, five stores, a state-of-the-art specialty gas lab, and a large fleet of truck and trailers, Middlesex Gases services Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Its core values have remained the same since 1949 – to provide high quality, cost-effective gas products with dependable service and expert customer support.


To view the new website, get more information or to sign up for newsletter updates, please visit www.middlesexgases.com.


You can also connect with Middlesex Gases on Twitter @middlesexgases and on Linkedin

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