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May 16, 2024

Posted by PeptiGrowth

Who is PeptiGrowth?

We’d like to announce that PeptiGrowth has just joined membership in MassBio!

PeptiGrowth is based in Japan, developing, and supplying a series of “Synthetic Peptide Growth Factors” with equivalent or superior functionality compared to conventional recombinant growth factors. These cyclic peptides ensure consistent quality and activity across batches as they are entirely chemically synthesized and are free from animal component contaminations. PeptiGrowth products are suitable for use in regenerative medicine, cell therapy applications, and cultivated meat production. Additionally, the PeptiGrowth growth factors exhibit exceptionally high stability in solution, eliminating the need for frequent the cell culture media exchanges and thus reducing overall media costs.


Free Samples Available

We offer free samples of each product for your testing. Furthermore, if you could provide us feedback on your test results of our product samples, we will provide one more vial of our product for free! Please feel free to reach out to us regarding this sample testing program!


10 Products Now on Sale

We have launched 10 products so far (for more information, please visit We would love to support your research and development, and we are happy to discuss the collaboration opportunities with members in MassBio.

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