New Insights: Supporting Early Phase Oncology Research with the Right Data Management System

Feb 26, 2024

Experts estimate that global spending on cancer medicines will grow to $375B by 2027. Meanwhile, the number of oncology trial starts is reaching historic highs. Between 2018 and 2022, there was a 22% increase in oncology trial starts, of these trials 41% were Phase I.  At the same time, the research itself is changing. Oncology research is expanding into new key mechanisms, targets, and cancer types. 

According to McKinsey and Company Playing to Win in Oncology, there is more importance being placed on precision medicine, distinct cancer phenotypes, patient populations, and availability of therapy choices.  Regulatory bodies are also pushing for speedy trials and dose optimization. Sponsors embarking on early phase oncology research need to be able to make rapid protocol amendments and check for errors in real time, all while adhering to study timelines.

Innovating in early phase oncology trials requires the right oncology clinical data management system. A solution that can successfully balance the growing complexity of oncology research without risking compliance, budgets, or timelines.

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– How the evolving landscape of oncology research is driving innovation
– Why your data capture strategy needs the right technology foundation 
– What to look for in a CDMS/EDC system for early phase oncology


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