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Jun 14, 2021

Back Bay Life Science Report

Posted by Back Bay Life Science Advisors

Back Bay Launches New Podcast for Life Science Insiders

The Life Science Report, a new industry podcast from Back Bay Life Science Advisors, is now available. Covering an array of life science updates—from the current state of life science SPACs to innovation in gene therapy development, microbial investment, patient access, and more—The Life Science Report delivers the latest insights from biopharma and medtech development experts in brief and casual discussions.

In this new podcast, Back Bay Life Science Advisors brings expert insights from our advisors and investment bankers in the world of biopharma and medtech. Back Bay speaks with experts in life science development, commercialization, investment banking, scientific investigators, biotech and medtech executives, physicians and strategists who excel at guiding global life sciences companies and their investors through complex decisions.

Back Bay Life Science Advisors’ strategic and investment banking experts are recognized globally for industry insights and seasoned experience. Back Bay’s white papers and opinion pieces have been published widely. But sometimes, it is not possible to read through 25-pages of insight. The Life Science Report, which distills complex topics into their essence, complements our many thought leadership pieces and makes it easy to stay current on the latest in life science development. 

In Episode 1, Peter Bak, Kyle O’Neil and Brendan Wang kick off the podcast series by discussing current commercial challenges and opportunities in the gene therapy landscape.

In Episode 2, Back Bay’s head of investment banking, Gregory Benning, and investment banking managing director, Vasilios Kofitsas, sit down with CEO Jonathan Gertler to discuss the life science SPACs phenomenon.

Later this month in Episode 3, look for a conversation on microbial investments.

The Life Science Report is available for download on most major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and at


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