New Member Announcement—RockStep Solutions

Feb 16, 2023

RockStep Solutions is a leading supplier of in vivo research and operations management software. Their flagship product Climb™ is used across the life sciences industry to increase operational efficiencies and accelerate the pace of innovation. 


Climb™ is a scalable, modern collaboration platform that addresses the entire spectrum of in vivoresearch challenges in one integrated package. Designed by scientists and researchers with hands-on experience, Climb replaces spreadsheets, paper notes, and disconnected point solutions with a single software platform used across your entire lab.  


We are excited to join the MassBio community and support the world’s premier innovative life sciences cluster. RockStep is committed to fostering an open and collaborative research ecosystem to achieve new scientific breakthroughs for the advancement of all humankind. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how Climb™ can improve your lab’s efficiency and accelerate your in vivoresearch, visit our website at or request a demo! 

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