New MERIT Collect and Hold Service Saves Sponsors Time and Money

Feb 27, 2023

Collect and Hold services support oncology clinical trials by enabling the collection and storage of high-quality imaging data in a central location.

Posted by MERIT CRO

Madison, WI – February 27, 2023– MERIT CRO, Inc., a global endpoint service provider specializing in multiple therapeutic areas, today announced the launch of its unique Collect and Hold subscription model for oncology clinical trials. MERIT’s Collect and Hold service includes image collection and quality check, site support, and project management services for an annual cost of $4,999 per project. In addition, sponsors may choose to apply the accumulated Collect and Hold service fees as a credit towards the cost of future studies that expand to include independent reads and data management.


MERIT’s Collect and Hold services are ideal for clinical trials in which there is a need to collect longitudinal imaging data, or where centralized imaging review may be incorporated at a later point in time. Our services comply with FDA, EMA, and ICH guidelines, ensuring that all imaging data is collected and stored in accordance with regulatory requirements. This is made possible by our streamlined, end-to-end software platform, EXCELSIOR™.


“We are very excited to launch this new service for our partners,” said Shinji Yue, VP of Oncology at MERIT. “Clinical trial sponsors and research organizations will benefit not only from cost savings and accelerated drug development timelines, but also improved image quality and reduced variability.”


“The low annual cost of MERIT’s Collect and Hold services is unique in the industry,” said Yijun Huang, PhD, CEO at MERIT. “This will prove to be an invaluable service for early phase clinical trials.”


Click Here for more information on how MERIT’s Collect and Hold service can help empower clinical trial success.


MERIT is an innovative, global clinical trial endpoint services provider working in a variety of therapeutic areas, including ophthalmology, respiratory, oncology, cardiac safety, dermatology, and neurology. We partner with CROs as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies to deliver reliable endpoint services in multi-regional clinical trials. Together our work advances and accelerates the improvement of therapeutic options for patients worldwide. 

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