New Podcast: Surging Investment in Remote Patient Monitoring

Aug 12, 2021

Mass Bio Member Releases New Industry Podcast on Remote Patient Monitoring: Investment and Clinical Implications

Posted by Back Bay Life Science Advisors

One of the unexpected outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rapid and widespread uptake of remote patient monitoring. Just ahead of the pandemic, investment in patient monitoring was booming—priming the system for quick uptake and innovation. As with vaccines, much groundwork had been done to prepare for dramatic innovation and widespread, rapid patient use, seemingly “overnight.”

In this episode of Back Bay Life Science Advisors’ industry podcast, Dr. Jonathan Gertler and Dr. Corinne Nawn discuss the clinical considerations of remote patient monitoring, including advances in sensing platforms, wearables, and the current investment landscape driving the innovations that allow patients and physicians to interact meaningfully and safely from different locations.

 Topics in this podcast include:

  • Investment in digital healthcare companies

  • The spectrum of financings, acquisitions, IPOs, and SPACs in this space

  • New ways of patient monitoring through wearable tech

  • Understanding the details of sensing and capturing

  • Coordinating care based on analytics

  • Company partnerships and/or acquisitions

 Listen to the podcast at:

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