Remote Tax Audits Due to COVID-19 Disruption

Mar 24, 2020

Posted by WithumSmith+Brown

As a response to COVID-19, many states including New Jersey and New York, have postponed on-site visits until further notice.

As a result, auditors are choosing to move forward with remote sales tax audits and still requiring essential support documentation is delivered electronically in a timely matter. We have seen an increase in the requests for Consent to Extensions due to the crisis. We will continue to monitor and update for state audit requirements. It appears auditors are following the same steps for income and corporate tax audits. Most states are moving sales tax audits as well as income and corporate tax audits to be conducted remotely at this time.

Voluntary Disclosure Covid-19 Updates

States are operating with limited resources in the voluntary disclosure departments. Though many state offices are remaining open at this time, they are operating with smaller amounts of employees available and shorter hours to adhere to state curfew regulations. Any prior established deadlines are still in effect.

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