Rgenta Therapeutics recipient of the Servier’s 2020 LabCentral Golden Ticket

May 06, 2020

Servier has awarded the 2020 Servier Golden Ticket at LabCentral to Rgenta Therapeutics, a new biotechnology company focusing on
developing RNA-targeting medicines for historically undruggable disease-relevant targets. The award will help Rgenta Therapeutics advance the company’s pursuit of high-value oral, small molecule RNA targets in a range of therapeutic areas, including oncology and neurology. “Rgenta Therapeutics has developed a technology platform that is very interesting for several of Servier’s therapeutic areas, with a specific interest today in Neurosciences,” comments Olivier Nosjean, Scientific Director of Research at Servier. “It is very exciting for us to have access to a unique approach of RNA-targeting to develop novel medicines in oncology and neurology, with the technology of Rgenta representing a platform with a broader potential.”

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