Silicon Therapeutics Unveils Refreshed Corporate Branding and Redesigned Website

Oct 13, 2020

BOSTONOCT. 6, 2020  Silicon Therapeutics, a privately-held, fully integrated drug design, discovery and development company focused on small molecule therapeutics, today introduced an updated corporate website, which reflects the company’s mission, research approach and core values.


The new Silicon Therapeutics site more accurately tells the company’s story and clearly highlights the company’s mission to improve the lives of patients by creating novel, disease-modifying medicines for challenging targets, using its proprietary, quantum physics-driven discovery engine.

“We worked to develop a meaningful brand architecture and visual identity that embodies the company’s strategic approach and core ethos,” said Lanny Sun, co-founder and chief executive officer. “This project has been part of our strategy to more fully engage with investors, potential partners, scientists and future employees while highlighting our differentiated approach and the opportunities that our platform presents for the company.”  

The new site is expanded with deeper scientific content and the layout is structured for ease of navigation to provide a seamless user experience. 

“While the new brand identity gives Silicon Therapeutics a bright and sophisticated look with distinctive graphics and other visuals, this update was not just cosmetic,” said Woody Sherman, Ph.D., chief scientific officer, who led the initiative. “Visitors to our website can efficiently learn about our proprietary computational physics platform, explore our pipeline, understand our research focus and gain a glimpse into our unique culture.”

The Silicon Therapeutics platform enables the company to perform accurate, atomic-level, quantum physics-based simulations fast enough and at the scale necessary to reveal essential drug design insights and break through the bottlenecks preventing effective discovery of therapeutics for biologically validated but chemically intractable targets. The platform is cohesively integrated with a world-class wet lab including biophysics, chemistry and biology, enabling rapid hypothesis-driven data generation to advance drug discovery projects on targets that have traditionally been considered undruggable. 

The company was supported by and wishes to acknowledge award-winning, multi-disciplinary branding and design communications firm Wyant Simboli in developing the new corporate brand and website along with digital elements developed and contributed by Digizyme.


Silicon Therapeutics is a privately-held, fully integrated drug design, research and development company focused on small molecule therapeutics. The Silicon Therapeutics computational physics-driven drug design platform combines quantum physics, statistical thermodynamics, molecular simulations, a dedicated HPC super-computing cluster, purpose-built software, in-house laboratory and clinical development capabilities. The platform was purpose built from the ground up to address difficult targets and use simulations to pioneer a new path for drug design and deliver novel medicines to improve the lives of patients.


Silicon Therapeutics is currently the only company which completely owns the entire spectrum of proprietary physics-driven drug discovery from chip-to-clinic. The company’s lead program is a highly differentiated small molecule STimulator of Interferon Genes (STING) agonist for the treatment of cancer. SNX281 is anticipated to enter the clinic in late 2020. To learn more about Silicon Therapeutics, please visit our website at or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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