Striving for Sustainability, and How EquipNet Can Help

Jun 23, 2020

Taking sustainability into account when making any decision is incredibly important, not just for the environment, but for your own personal success and happiness. When it comes to equipment, the same rules apply, and you shouldn’t have to put your sustainability goals aside to get an efficient and useful piece of equipment. Recently, PMMI interviewed a group of packaging professionals from a variety of company sizes and throughout a wide variety of industries, including Food and Beverage, Personal Care, and Pharmaceutical, for “Packaging Sustainability: A Changing Landscape”. In it, the professionals discussed their concerns with current processes and equipment they use, and their desires for future machinery and products.

One concern that appears frequently is the desire to have machinery that can handle multiple tasks or utilize a variety of materials rather than having to have specialized machines for specific tasks, as well as offering indicators to reflect the exact changes between these abilities. Others are looking to expand their automation abilities, and now find the need to look for the right machinery and robotics to do the necessary labor. Some have faced issues of desired machinery being too complicated for the company’s current abilities. These companies are striving to be more eco-friendly, so the materials that go into their packaging is under scrutiny, and changes are desired and needed. Some are even curious about looking into new materials that can help their operations become more efficient, and some even have groups researching the best ways to streamline packaging in eco-friendly and sustainable ways.

These few concerns and concepts are just a glimpse into conversations swirling around the world of packaging right now. And, the odds are that similar conversations about sustainability and efficiency are constantly had in other industries, not just those that involve packaging and consumer goods. As more companies look to reduce waste, achieve complete sustainability, and instill and follow more eco-friendly processes, more innovations must be made. A lot of the innovations that are being discussed require new types of machinery and equipment, both for the research and development of these solutions and the implementation of them. The strive for sustainability can start even here, with finding the right equipment to achieve your goals in the right way. EquipNet prides itself on helping to reduce waste by reusing and recycling surplus equipment. Too often, companies and facilities mismanage surplus assets, letting them go unused when they could be beneficial to another facility, or ultimately getting rid of an asset that could have been repurposed, adding unneeded and avoidable waste to landfills.

With EquipNet’s help to repurpose and resell surplus assets that still are useful and beneficial to the right customer, almost 200,000 tons of potential waste has been diverted from landfills. Whether it be through assisting with asset management that guarantees compliance and follows all corporate and governmental regulations, or our partnerships with a leader in electronic recycling to offer safe, environmentally-friendly programs, EquipNet will help any company find the right solution to handle its surplus assets. Looking to help your facility move towards achieving sustainability? Our marketplace offers a wide variety of equipment for any need, from Research and Development to the manufacturing and production of product, your efforts will be long felt and contribute to the longevity and health of the environment. Want some more information on what we can do for you? Check out our Investment Recovery Solutions page today!


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