Structuring Considerations for Biotechs

Jun 01, 2023

Posted by Freshfields

The Association of Corporate Counsel hosted its annual Life Sciences Conference from May 9-11, 2023, which featured presentations from a variety of law firms and life sciences industry experts on several topics. The Freshfields U.S. Life Sciences Transactions team was an active participant in the conference—Freshfields’ Partners Adam Golden (New York), Vinita Kailasanath (Silicon Valley), and Scott Blumenkranz (Silicon Valley), together with Jennee DeVore of Inflammatix, a diagnostics-focused biotech, presented on the points that biotechs should consider when they’re deciding among deal structure(s) they want to leverage as part of their growth strategy. 

Read more about the deal structures here: 2023 ACC Life Sciences Conference: Structuring Considerations for Biotechs, Jeff Jay, Jake Silvers (

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