Synthace Unveils First Life Sciences R&D Cloud Addressing Complexity, Speed & Reproducibility for Scientists

Aug 12, 2021

First Ever No-Code Platform Lowers Barriers to Automated Biological Experimentation and Insight Sharing

The Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud platform provides end-to-end management of the experimental lifecycle, from design through execution to data visualization and knowledge transfer. Synthace adheres to FAIR data principles to support interoperability with other major lab informatics platforms to ensure streamlined data management for all of its customers.

Only the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud delivers:

  • Complete experimental design, planning and automation, requiring no coding expertise. Scientists can define more informative and impactful experiments that would otherwise be impossible to run and easily implement Quality by Design (QbD) and Design of Experiments (DOE).
  • Seamless, cloud-based data capture, processing, and visualization. R&D teams can deliver deeper and faster insights from fully contextualized, machine learning-ready data sets that are automatically generated from the laboratory.
  • Minimal deployment and onboarding. Customers experience rapid time-to-insight through Synthace’s out-of-the-box platform features and pre-validated protocols for common application such as ELISA and high-throughput purification, helping them to shorten R&D cycles and study more candidates per program.

Visit to learn more about the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud.

Read the full press release in the attached PDF.

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