UCB Boston Research is Advancing Medical Innovation

Jun 06, 2019

Every day, UCB researchers come to work driven by a singular purpose – to create value for people living with severe disease. That’s because, across the world, patients depend on the important work of scientific research to find new medical innovations that will help them achieve their goals. From the “breakthrough” moments in discovery, development, and delivery, we are dedicated to finding solutions for the unmet needs of patients.

We believe ground-breaking research best flourishes in innovative ecosystems. This is why UCB’s presence in Massachusetts is critical for our work to further scientific understanding and uncover new discoveries. Being in Boston provides us with opportunities to connect to important resources, like a diverse talent pool and leading research hospitals and universities. While we’ve been in Greater Boston for some time working with several biotech, hospital, and university partners, we’re pleased to be expanding our own research capabilities in Massachusetts. We’re exploring novel areas of research, testing hypotheses on what drives disease progression and can modify disease, and researching new ways to better connect science to the needs of patients.

To date, 40 UCB colleagues call Massachusetts home. Our laboratories are in the biotech cluster in Bedford, close to Boston, where we’re excited to continue to evolve our presence, grow, and innovate. Our researchers are working on new platforms and technologies we hope one day will lead to cures. Building on UCB’s existing global capabilities, they’re focused on developing capabilities in areas including targeted protein degradation, protein biochemistry, and structural biology as ways to discover new medicines for treating patient populations with severe neurodegenerative and immunological diseases.

In addition, UCB’s External Innovation and Ventures teams have a presence in Kendall Square in Cambridge to ensure we are keeping up with the latest opportunities and exploring new areas for partnership, collaboration and minority equity investments. UCB Ventures is actively investing in emerging biotech, as early as Seed and Series A stage, out of its EUR 150 million evergreen fund.

We know new solutions for patients are on the horizon and look forward to continuing our legacy of discovering as a lasting part of the scientific community in Massachusetts.

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