What You Should Know When Negotiating Your Equity Compensation Benefits [Video]

Nov 29, 2022

The ever-evolving biopharma and life sciences sector provides numerous opportunities for talented employees to change jobs in order to find more challenging, well-paid opportunities. The strong demand for talent requires employers to offer lucrative and comprehensive equity compensation packages, along with attractive salaries, annual bonuses, and sign-on bonuses.

One major myth I believe exists is that only people in a higher management or vice president-level position are able to negotiate equity compensation at hire. The level of the position you are applying for will undoubtedly dictate the negotiation leverage and power you have, but I would encourage everyone — especially those who are already in a director-level position — to negotiate their equity compensation benefits. Your best chance will be to receive additional equity grants, especially if you don’t mind a longer vesting schedule.

With all this is mind, please consider the five points highlighted on this video when you negotiate your equity compensation benefits.


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