XiltriX Provides 24/7 Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Life Science Assets

Apr 16, 2020

During the outbreak of COVID-19, many life science facilities are being forced to shut down, and in some instances this is exposing a severe lack of capabilities to remotely monitor critical assets and environments. After the quarantines are over, the lessons we learned should not remain a wasted opportunity. It is critical that life science organizations adopt 24/7 real-time, remote-monitoring on all vital equipment and environments. This includes equipment used in laboratories such as cold storage, cryogenic storage and incubators; environmental monitoring such as ambient conditions, vivariums and cleanrooms; and lastly, facility monitoring such as building access, backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies. Below, we will go over critical parameters in a lab or life science facility that should be monitored by a 24/7 real-time, data-acquisition system.

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