ZEAB Therapeutic engages Cresset Discovery Services to progress treatment for colorectal cancer

Jul 23, 2020

Posted by Cresset

Cambridge, UK – 21 July 2020 – Cresset Discovery Services, a CRO for early phase discovery, has used computational tools to work with ZEAB Therapeutic, a company developing treatments for colorectal cancer, to design models for treatment of this serious disease. The first rounds of modeling have provided valuable working hypothesis models, called ZEAB 1-8, which will stimulate further research activities and exploitation for ZEAB.

Being the third most common cancer globally, bowel cancer is one of the most common causes of deaths in the world. It is anticipated that this will increase by over 60% in the next 10 years, resulting in 2.2 million new cases and 1.1 million deaths (source: Arnold M, Sierra MS, Laversanne M, et al Global patterns and trends in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality Gut 2017;66:683-691).

“Having completed in excess of 300 contract research projects for many of the leading pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and flavor and fragrance companies, our CADD scientists are often hired to bridge resource gaps,” says Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting Services. “In an ongoing project for ZEAB Therapeutic we are using the Flare™ structure-based design platform to model key components responsible for the observed cellular activity in order to enable the design and development of better drugs to fight a very concerning condition, with major impact on people’s lives”.

“Working with Cresset Discovery Services has been an insightful and empowering journey for ZEAB. As we don’t have our own in-house computational chemistry team, access to their computational experts and the software solutions they have applied has been invaluable in progressing our drug development activities,” says Dr Bene Ekine-Afolabi, Founder and CEO at ZEAB Therapeutic.

ZEAB and Cresset Discovery Services

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