BIOQuébec and MassBio Announce the 3-Year Renewal of their Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement

May 30, 2019

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), June 3, 2019 – While participating in the BIO International Convention, BIOQuébec and MassBio, which has more than 1,100 member companies, agreed to extend their existing partnership for a 3-year period. This agreement, originally conceived at the BIO Convention in San Diego in 2017, aims to facilitate business ties between their respective members and support the development initiatives of both Québec and Massachusetts based biotechs and contract research organizations in either of these two territories.

“Over the past two years, MassBio and BIOQuébec have established an invaluable collaboration that allows, among other things, BIOQuébec member companies to benefit from significant advantages when visiting the Boston/Cambridge region – advantages which allow them to develop a strong and diversified business network while forming substantial and important connections to help support their continued growth. The state of Massachusetts is known for its dynamic life sciences industry; through this relationship, our companies can become better known and expand further”, declares Anie Perrault, BIOQuébec’s Executive Manager.

“Our collaboration with BIOQuébec allows us to leverage each other’s strengths to ultimately bring new breakthrough therapies to patients around the world, many of which are still experiencing unmet medical needs," said Robert K. Coughlin, President and CEO of MassBio. "It is our responsibility as an industry to work together for better collective results. The source of a treatment is irrelevant: our attention will always be focused on the result and the patient.”

In the short term, this agreement will allow for the organization of joint activities, in Quebec or in Massachusetts, revolving around issues of interest to both organizations. In the medium and long term, it could facilitate investments by American companies in Quebec and/or the financing of Quebec companies by organizations in the Boston/Cambridge area, which would allow for both research and the marketing of new drugs, treatments, and diagnostic and preventive tools to continue to be performed in Quebec.

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