MA Monthly Facts: BioPharma IPO Market

Jan 16, 2018

Massachusetts Dominates IPO Market in 2017

The IPO market in 2017 was one of the stronger ones we’ve seen in recent years, and Massachusetts led the way. Although the number of IPOs nationally is a bit lower than in 2016, they have raised significantly more money. 

  • 10 IPOs in 2017 from MA headquartered companies: That accounts for nearly half (48%) of all US-based biotech IPOs. That’s up from 31% of the US market in 2016.
  • Additionally, those MA headquartered IPOs accounted for over half of all funds (52%) raised in 2017 (up from 24% in 2016).
  • The average amount raised by the MA headquartered companies was $100 million in 2017 – higher than the national average of $91 million, which was also the highest it’s been in the past four years. 

Massachusetts' disproportionate share of IPOs/funding is largely a reflection of the innovation happening here – gene and cell therapies, breakthrough treatments for rare diseases and the ongoing partnership between industry, academia and government.

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