MassBio® Announces a Relaunch of its Young Professional Program as Part of their Membership Offerings

May 24, 2022

MassBio is engaging and providing for professional development for the life sciences’ next generation workforce

May 24, 2022 (CAMBRIDGE, MA) – Today, the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio®) announced it is relaunching its young professionals program for member companies, providing engagement and professional development opportunities for early and mid-career life sciences employees. This program is designed for motivated young professionals to access ways to grow their networks, discover and utilize helpful resources, and develop personal and professional skills to advance their careers. The group will meet during social events and focus on networking and development activities through MassBioEdge’s Employee Rewards program businesses. 

“Workforce development and recruitment is a top priority for our member companies, and by extension, for MassBio,” says MassBio CEO Joe Boncore.  “As we continue to ramp up our efforts to support the industry’s growth of 40,000 net new employees by 2024, this young professional program will enhance our member companies’ acquisition, retention, and professional development efforts for their early career employees.”

Each quarter, the young professionals program will host an event with a MassBioEdge Employee Rewards partner. The event will include a group activity, networking, and a takeaway that will advance their professional development, such as building networks, developing leadership skills, and learning ways to becoming a better communicator. The kickoff event on Wednesday, June 23 is group rock climbing at Rock Spot Climbing in South Boston, followed by a meet and greet at Castle Island Brewery.

“With our incredible network of MassBioEdge Employee Rewards partners, we have numerous professional development and networking opportunities to offer as part of the young professionals program,” says MassBio President and COO Kendalle Burlin O’Connell. “It also provides added value and exposure to our Edge Employee Rewards members – making it a win-win proposition.” To learn more about MassBio’s new young professionals group, contact To register for June 23 event, visit MassBio’s website

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