Member Spotlight: Q&A with BioAgilytix

Jun 01, 2021

Every month, MassBio spotlights a member company and the great work they’re doing to advance the life sciences industry and support the patients we serve. In June, we spoke with Dominic Marasco, Chief Commercial Officer, BioAgilytix. Dominic has more than 22 years of executive experience in C-suite strategy development, commercial operations, strategic business development, alliance management, and financial resourcing within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. He is a member of the Health Policy and Management Executive Council at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and is a University of Southern California Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmaceuticals and Health Economics for the School of Pharmacy, as well as a member of the Strategic Board of Advisors at Unicycive Therapeutics Inc.

How does your organization’s activities help patients now and into the future?

The services we provide play a critical role in bringing new life-changing biologic therapies to market. With a staff of more than 600 colleagues, we deliver these services globally through three state-of-the-art laboratories located in Durham, NC, Boston, MA, and Hamburg, Germany. Each facility is staffed and equipped to support the varied clinical development needs of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners. Our success continues to depend on the dedication of our employees, with the overarching goal to always provide clients with high-quality program support, with the key focus on patients.

The company’s highly experienced scientific and quality assurance professionals deliver world-class science, proven data integrity, and deep regulatory experience to help ensure successful outcomes for these global studies. Since 2018, we have supported the development of over 35% of the biologics approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), with this number expected to grow dramatically in the years to come.

 What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the life sciences industry today?

The ability to attract, develop and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds is key to our industry’s current and future success. Therefore, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DI&B) will be a critical success factor for BioAgilytix and industry growth. At BioAgilytix, as we continue to evolve, we recognize that our ability to address the needs of diverse groups is crucial to sustainable growth. Therefore, in early 2021, the company established a Global DI&B function with the goal to better align the needs, goals, and objectives of the affinity groups with the broader business.

Second, we are working to enhance our educational and technical partnerships. We actively partner with local colleges and universities, and even local high schools, to create internships for students interested in careers in leading-edge drug development. Lastly, we also focus on sustainable business infrastructure to meet our customers’ evolving needs. All of these activities are critically important as we continue to grow our business.

What’s next for your organization / what are you focused on in the coming year?

Our single biggest goal is to provide the best customer service by helping our clients get lifesaving Biologics approved and to patients. Our approach is to always hire the brightest scientists from around the world who then have complete project ownership to work on some of the most complex Biologics in the world. This approach yielded BioAgilytix one of the highest rated Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry. Additionally, we continue to stay ahead of the curve by continued expansion and investment in our cell and gene therapy offerings as the industry continues to grow in this area. Our driving force is to provide the best advisory, consultative and quality service to our customers.

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