Member Spotlight: Q&A with Precision Value & Health

May 03, 2021

Every month, MassBio spotlights a member company and the great work they’re doing to advance the life sciences industry and support the patients we serve. In May, we spoke with Kelly Wilder, EVP, Strategic Business Development, Precision Value & Health, and Co-President, PRECISIONvalue. Kelly is an expert in integrated market access, specializing in managed market strategy, value demonstration, and organizational leadership. She has a keen understanding of payers, plan sponsors, and the increasing complexity in the reimbursement marketplace.

Tell us about your organization, its mission, and current initiatives.

Precision Value & Health (PVH) is engineered to bring specialized expertise to every juncture of the innovation and commercialization continuum. With teams harnessing data-driven evidence and leveraging real-world experience, Precision Value & Health partners with life science companies to establish and communicate the clinical, economic, and humanistic value of innovative therapies. Our commercialization capabilities are hyperfocused on shifting the trajectory and accelerating our clients’ success. 

How does your organization’s activities help patients now and into the future?

The overarching theme of value and access is foundational for PVH. You must first understand what metrics to measure for value—what evidence is needed to support value? How do you ensure that HCPs, patients, and payers are “value aware” to achieve optimal access? Even though there are many other stakeholders in this equation, the patient ultimately benefits if we can get these things right and do them quickly, so that these innovations are truly available.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the life sciences industry today?

I think the greatest challenge is data digestibility and application. With the rise in interest for data management capabilities and advanced analytics, we have to be clear about how to best use the information to solve real problems for our clients. For example, as our PRECISIONxtract team works to master data and build sophisticated platforms to reach our clients’ customers, our engagement teams including PRECISIONvalue, PRECISIONscientia, and PRECISIONeffect have to be clear on what messaging and approaches then truly connect with the intended customers. It sounds simple in theory, but managing this data leap in the real world requires expertise directed in each customer segment to make specific connections that are related to real-time customer issues.  

What’s next for your organization/what are you focused on in the coming year?

COVID-19 has challenged how we think about engagement, collaboration, and work/life integration. Our familiarity with physical spaces and being together was central to how we did business. I will admit that many of us miss the camaraderie that comes with live meetings and after-work outings, but we have adapted. We now connect with our people in new and creative ways, spending more time face to face via Zoom and taking more time to ask about how home life intersects with work life because there is no way to compartmentalize. We see a more well-rounded version of our people and there is a real benefit to that exposure. Given that there is no Precision without our people, this will remain our focus so that we can deliver our best work for clients.

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