Modern, simple, and dynamic: Q&A with Minelli, Inc. on new MassBio brand design

Aug 01, 2023

In February 2023, MassBio embarked on a brand refresh project and selected Boston based brand strategy and design firm Minelli, Inc. to examine and create a new brand identity program for MassBio. Its identity and brand toolkit were almost 15 years old, and the organization has experienced explosive growth and increased stature during that time. The brand identity no longer supported or fully reflected the organization. It was time for the identity of the organization to match its global presence, mission, and future aspirations. 

Recently Rita McAteer, vice president of Marketing for MassBio, sat down with Mark Minelli, principal of Minelli, Inc., to discuss the importance of a company brand and the new MassBio brand design.  

Mark, why does brand matter and what impact does it have on a company?  

At the heart of any high-performing organization are guiding principles and values that align strategic intentions with day-to-day operating practices. These guiding principles shape the brand and every expression, from company culture to customer interactions. They are reflected in the website, printed materials, marketing, and all communications. The creation of a strong brand identity builds internal alignment and customer loyalty. When everyone speaks with one voice and delivers a consistent message, the value provided is better understood by all who engage with the organization. 

A brand is organic. A brand truly flourishes when it becomes part of the culture and is reflected in everyone’s roles and responsibilities. The MassBio brand is built on its core values, history as a respected organization, and aspirations to be the best it can be. 

Can you talk about your process for this project? 

The first step for us with any project is to capture and synthesize. We listen carefully, learn all we can in to establish the proper foundation. We gathered information on MassBio, its member companies, and peer trade organizations and interviewed key internal and external stakeholders. From this we were able to glean insights that informed the visual identity and design architecture.  

We then brought the brand identity and design architecture to life, to define MassBio’s public expression by exploring identity directions.  The final step was to activate the selected design choice. What you see as the new MassBio brand is the culmination of several different design directions. We created a toolkit framing how brand identity, design architecture, typography and color/image usage work to create an integrated whole.  

We couldn’t be more excited by the new design and thrilled with how elegantly and simply it captures the essence of MassBio and the versatility and vibrancy it evokes. Can you articulate what this design represents? 

One of the first things that Kendalle (MassBio’s CEO & President) said to us is that MassBio’s role in the Massachusetts life sciences industry is to “Convene. Connect. Catalyze.” That is one of the pillars of this design. It visually creates a fluid connection: bridging the people, ideas and companies who fuel the innovations that shape the industry. We manipulated the typography to visually reflect the bridge that MassBio is to its community. 

The new MassBio identity is modern, simple, and dynamic. It is memorable and distinct from other trade associations, as well as its member companies. It makes a bold and declarative statement in form and color that MassBio is an established force in advocating for the future of biotech, in Massachusetts and around the world. It is a bold new identity for a bold and innovative organization. 

Thank you Mark for a brand identity and design program that fully represents MassBio and its mission. This design will help us support and advance the biotechnology industry in Massachusetts now and into the future. 

About Mark Minelli

Mark Minelli, president and CEO of Minelli, Inc., has devoted the last thirty five years of his career to building a leading brand strategy and design firm. The firm has created successful brand development and communication programs for Fortune 100 companies, public-private partnerships and a broad range of nonprofits including leading museums and land conservation organizations. Minelli, Inc.’s work has been recognized in design and branding publications and awards programs throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.  Mark has established a strong philosophical foundation for the office in its ongoing commitment to working with institutions and organizations that help shape and foster a more sustainable future. He oversees and participates in strategic development and creative strategy on all projects. 

A frequent speaker on branding, culture, and placemaking, Mark has presented to audiences including World Brand Congress, the American Association of Museums, and the American Marketing Association. Mark has served on the Board of Overseers for the Institute of Contemporary Art, and as a Board Director and Governance Chair for Pact, an international development agency based in Washington DC and operating in over 40 countries. 

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