Patch: Woburn Life Sciences Company Announces Expansion

Oct 14, 2022

By Dakota Antelman, Patch Staff

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Massachusetts Biotechnology Council President and Chief Operating Office Kendalle Burlin O’Connell noted a recent trend of companies moving some or all of their operations outside of traditional life science areas in Boston and Cambridge.

Woburn has bustled with life science arrivals and multiple new life science facilities either proposed or constructed in recent years.

Close to Woburn, major life science players Vericel and The Broad Institute recently announced their own plans to add new facilities in Burlington.

Dubbed industry “giants” by the Burlington Economic Development Office, Vericel and the Broad Institute are forecast to bring around 700 new jobs to Burlington as they launch their new local facilities.

“It makes careers available to new pools of talent and brings economic development to new cities and towns that are BioReady,” Burlin O’Connell said of this phenomenon.

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