The MassBioHub is Abuzz with In-Person Events

Apr 05, 2022

As we enter April and people are gathering in person more and more, it’s been very exciting to see the buzz and increased activity in the MassBioHub. Over the last few weeks, in addition to a number of large and small member events in the Hub, there were two major MassBio events– Rare Disease Day and the St. Patrick’s Day Mixer.

Both events were huge successes and showcased the flexibility and the capabilities of the Hub in different ways. At Rare Disease Day, there were over 100 people in person who were able to network with other attendees and speakers and be present in the audience to mark this important day. At the same time, more than 200 people participated by tuning in via a livestream. Using the state-of-the-art technology in the space, along with the expertise of the video production preferred vendor team, it was almost like being there. With closeups of the speakers and panning the room to see other audience members, it was a high-quality experience for people viewing remotely.

The St. Patrick’s Day Mixer was pure fun. On March 17, the Hub was abuzz with people excited to be networking with other life sciences professionals throughout the spaces. It was a large crowd of almost 150 people and the Hub was comfortable, welcoming, and accommodated everyone easily.  

In addition to these large events, many member companies have been using the Hub to assemble small groups, especially with many people working in different ways from different locations. Some companies have used it to conduct one on one interviews and others intimate gatherings. The Hub has provided member companies with the ability to host people on site and around the globe remotely for private and confidential Board meetings and other important convenings to advance their life saving work.

The Hub is the ultimate flexible space that can accommodate events of all types and sizes – these are just a few examples. With office space at a premium in Boston and Cambridge, the MassBioHub provides member companies easy and affordable convening options while reserving their space for labs and other critical work.

At below market rates with personalized service, catering, and other amenities, the Hub is a very valuable resource and an important member benefit. The Hub was built exclusively for members and their needs in mind. For more information or to request a tour, please visit There you can also view the new Hub tour video and get an overview of the space and its capabilities. The Hub’s location is central to the best life sciences hub in the world.

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