Save the Date for MassBio Signature Events!

Jan 17, 2017

Save the date for these upcoming Signature Events from MassBio: 


Rare Disease Day – Tuesday, February 28, 2017
The complex nature of rare diseases, coupled with limited access to treatment and services, means that family members are often the primary source of solidarity, support and care for their loved ones. The Rare Disease Day 2017 theme, “Patient Involvement in Research,” focuses on the crucial role that patients play in research. Patients are often experts in their disease. It is essential that research also involves patients at all steps of the research process. Rare Disease Day 2017 is, therefore, an opportunity to call upon researchers, universities, students, companies, policy makers and clinicians to do more research and to make them aware of the importance of research for the rare disease community.

Join us to recognize and raise awareness for rare diseases and the research being done in Massachusetts to provide new treatments and cures.

2017 MassBio Annual Meeting – Thursday, March 30 – Friday, March 31, 2017
The MassBio Annual Meeting focuses on the timeliest and critical challenges facing the Massachusetts life sciences industry. The meeting program is designed by a steering committee of industry leaders, and the agenda encompasses keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive working sessions and extensive networking opportunities.

The MassBio Annual Meeting also includes the Innovative Leadership Award Luncheon, which honors an industry leader for his or her contribution to moving the life sciences industry forward.

The Convergence of Medical Device and Drugs: The Future of Combination Products – Friday, May 12, 2017
Combination products have become essential tools for patient care and continue to be an area of active and exciting development.  From diffusion based polymer systems to complex delivery devices utilizing diagnostic sensors and sophisticated control systems for precise and timely delivery of life-saving agents, a diverse set of scientific and engineering disciplines are being brought to bear within this space.  However, combination products involve components that would normally be developed under different types of regulations, design criteria, and controls.  This symposium will explore many of the diverse aspects impacting combination products.  

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