Statement by MassBio President & CEO Robert K. Coughlin on President Trump’s 2020 Budget Proposal

Mar 13, 2019

“Trump’s budget proposal includes some ideas that will benefit patients and the life sciences industry and some that would do them both serious harm. Capping Medicare beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs is an excellent idea that will save seniors money, improve their access to breakthrough medicines, and eliminate barriers to medication adherence. On the other hand, slashing the budget for the NIH ensures that cutting-edge science will never leave the lab and will never help a sick patient. MassBio will be advocating to the Massachusetts federal delegation that NIH funding for the next budget year must not be cut and should actually be increased to give all patients the best chance at a better life. We also look forward to working with them to identify the best ways to reduce out-of-pocket costs for all patients.”

– Robert K. Coughlin, President and CEO of MassBio

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