Statement from MassBio’s Executive Leadership Regarding Supreme Court Case on Reproductive Rights  

May 23, 2022

Every person in the workforce should have the autonomy, access, and resources to decide if and when they choose to have children. Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare is critical to attracting the world class workforce that sustains our life science and biomedical ecosystem in Massachusetts. Reproductive justice and rights are fundamental for the life sciences workforce, our patients, and our loved ones. The pandemic also forced us to confront the reality that parents, and predominantly women, have borne the brunt of childcare responsibilities and have been forced to leave the workforce to care for their families. This poses an enormous threat to our innovation engine.

We know the next generation of cures and lifesaving breakthroughs will be made by an inclusive, representative labor force that has agency over if and when they choose to have children. For this reason, MassBio believes it is important for our industry to be among the many industries and companies expressing outrage. We are fortunate that Massachusetts passed the ROE Act in December of 2020 to strengthen access and encourage safe reproductive healthcare. But we recognize that threats outside of Massachusetts remain for companies who operate in multiple states and via the Senate Minority Leader’s reference to the possibility of a national ban. We vow to work with our state and federal delegation to protect our labor force and enshrine the right for each of us to make reproductive decisions for ourselves.

Joe Boncore, CEO
Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, President & COO

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