The Role of Patient Advocacy in an Infographic

Nov 01, 2018

Survey of MassBio & BioNJ members

Recently, MassBio and BioNJ, in partnership with Merrill Corporation, surveyed those in patient advocacy roles at our member life sciences companies to learn more about how companies are approaching patient advocacy and how that position has evolved over time. What we learned is promising for the future of our #PATIENTDRIVEN® industry: more and more companies have dedicated patient advocacy staff earlier in the process; more internal resources are being committed to patient advocacy; and patient advocacy reaches across companies’ functions.

As we get ready for our annual Patient Advocacy Summit on Friday, November 2nd, the survey results are a reminder that our industry has made great strides to be more patient focused from the get-go, but that the role, its objectives, and the resources necessary for success are still shifting.

At MassBio, we always appreciate our opportunities to interact with patient advocates, facilitate time for them to learn from each other, and for us to learn from them about how we can make the life sciences more #PATIENTDRIVEN each day.

For more detail on the MassBio/BioNJ patient advocacy survey, check out the infographic below, or download it here.



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