Top 5 News: 2/6/16-2/12/16

Feb 12, 2016

1) Drug makers seek to blunt criticism of price hikes   Boston Globe, 2/8/2016
After months of taking a public beating for soaring prices, drug companies are ready to tell their side of the story.Two big industry groups are launching advertising campaigns highlighting how their breakthroughs can improve or safe lives, they said Monday.

2) Alnylam buys Norton site for $200m drug manufacturing plant​ Boston Globe, 2/11/2016
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. said it will build a $200 million manufacturing plant on a 12-acre site it has purchased in the southeastern Massachusetts town of Norton, a facility that may employ 220 workers within five years.

3) FDA designated a record number of orphan drugs last year STAT, 2/10/2016
Orphan drugs may target small patient populations, but they are racking up big numbers at the Food and Drug Administration.

4) Northeastern researchers see market potential for repurposed drugs BBJ, 2/7/2016
Professors at Northeastern say they have a way to repurpose existing drugs on the market for different diseases, and have started a company to progress the idea.

5) ​Zika threat prompts sweeping scientific collaboration – STAT, 2/10/2016
The often-hermetic world of scientific research and publishing is making an exception for the Zika virus. Thirty organizations, including scientific journals, nonprofit groups, and research institutes, announced jointly Wednesday that they would share any data or results that could be helpful in fighting the spread of Zika.

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