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Aug 16, 2016

Frommer Lawrence and Haug LLP is a full-service intellectual property law firm with a proven history of delivering the highest level of representation to our clients.  With offices in New York and Washington D.C., our structure and technical expertise allow us to address legal issues and business challenges through a multidisciplinary, integrated approach.  

precisioneffect is the only healthcare advertising agency in the nation dedicated to working with companies that are seeking to change the standards of care. 

Transposagen, Inc. is a privately-held biotechnology company founded in 2005 to commercialize early gene editing technology for the construction of rodent models of disease. Since then, Transposagen has significantly increased its scientific offerings to include a suite of gene editing technologies and services that address the research needs of both academic and drug discovery investigators. 

As a contract research and development organization (CRDO), Boston Institute of Biotechnology, LLC, provides full spectrum services for microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture processes. 


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