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Aug 08, 2016

Cellaria develops oncology models that fully represent the diversity, individuality, and complexity of cancer. Our models enable investigators and innovators to gain actionable insights for the development of the next generation of personalized oncology therapeutics.


Velico Medical, Inc. is a private, pre-clinical medical technology company focused on applying proprietary technologies to improve the quality, availability and economics of platelets and plasma (human blood components) for transfusion. Velico's product candidates, if approved, are expected to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient care and safety and result in a more effective blood delivery system.

YOUR CUSTOMIZED GOVERNMENT RELATIONS TEAM Government officials and legislators receive hundreds of new requests each week. How can your issue gather the attention it deserves? Magnet Strategy Group understands the multi-dimensional nature of government decision-making.


The ClusterSeven platform adds value for organizations in a variety of industries – in fact, any organization that uses Excel spreadsheets and other EUC* applications heavily could benefit from our solutions. ClusterSeven helps organizations to reduce their exposure to risk of all kinds: operational, reputational, regulatory and financial, by enabling them to implement an EUC governance solution that improves data quality, data transparency, and compliance with internal and external EUC controls.

RQMIS is a solutions-driven provider of therapeutically focused, comprehensive regulatory consultation to the global medical device, combination product and human tissue industry. Our regulatory consultancy team focuses on four principle areas: regulatory strategy/submissions, clinical study design/management, quality systems design/compliance and regulatory/quality system due diligence supporting business development and collaboration analyses. Since 1996, RQMIS has been providing companies with strategic guidance on how to effectively navigate regulations in the US, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Cambridge, MA-based biotech company which specializes in Creating Immune Privileged Products for unmet clinical needs.


Contaminated hands are silent killers in hospitals. According to a 2011 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey, 1 in 25 patients in the United States will contract a healthcare associated infection (HAI), with close to 75,000 of these patients dying annually. While CDC figures show that HAIs cost the United States healthcare system between $28 and $45 billion annually, no figure can account for the suffering experienced by patients and their families. Rejecting the status quo, LivOnyx Inc. is creating a faster, better way to clean hands and save lives by developing our proprietary thinSpray technology to reduce the number of HAIs.

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