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Apr 10, 2017


BlueRock Therapeutics

BlueRock Therapeutics is a next-generation regenerative medicine company focused on breakthrough treatments and new horizons in medicine. BlueRock Therapeutics’ platform is based on state of the art pluripotent stem cell engineering tools and expansion technology. The company represents a strategic partnership between Bayer and Versant Ventures, and has been granted access to one of the largest-ever Series A financings in biotech. Our vision at BlueRock is to cure cardiovascular, neurologic and other diseases with significant unmet need and diminished self-repair potential. Our platform is enabled by strategic partnerships with a number of leading academic and industry collaborators in the U.S., Canada and Japan.

Corvia Medical

Corvia Medical, Inc., formerly DC Devices Inc., is a privately held medical device company dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment of heart failure with first-in-class structural heart devices. Heart failure is a major public health concern, particularly in developed countries with aging populations. Although medications and implantable cardiac rhythm devices can help alleviate symptoms in many patients with heart failure, there is currently no effective treatment for the vast majority of patients. The company's first product, the Corvia(R) InterAtrial Shunt Device (IASD(r)), is the world’s first transcatheter device approved in the European Union to treat heart failure with preserved (HFpEF) or mid-range ejection fraction (HFmrEF). After creating a small opening in the atrial septum, the IASD implant is deployed, forming a passage between the left and right atria that enables the left atrium to decompress at rest and physical activity, with the aim of lowering left atrial pressure. By facilitating continuous and dynamic decompression of the left atrium, the IASD aims to improve heart failure symptoms and quality of life, decrease heart failure hospitalization rates, and reduce the overall cost burden of managing heart failure patients.


What makes Upperton unique is the knowledge and experience we have acquired from handling an extensive range of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. Indeed, with almost 20 years of experience we have successfully spray dried, formulated and characterized a vast range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products for companies across the globe. Our services and capabilities include the following: Comprehensive spray drying service including pre-formulation screening, formulation development through to final dosage form Extensive physical and chemical characterization of in-process and finished products cGMP spray drying and clinical dosage form manufacture and associated regulatory/analytical support ​ Our clients range from large multinational pharmaceutical companies to specialized drug-delivery firms, biotechnology companies and small start-ups. All of our customers share the same goal, a desire to evaluate and utilize new technologies in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Freedom Trail Financial

Freedom Trail Financial is an independent wealth management firm based in Boston’s Back Bay. Being a hub-advisory, boutique financial planning practice and as a result of our extensive involvement in the life sciences sector, Freedom Trail Financial has an in-depth knowledge of the changing financial landscape that generates unique financial planning needs for individuals and companies in the life sciences industry.

Boston Interactive

Boston Interactive is a digital marketing agency that combines custom online strategies with emerging technologies. Since 1999, Boston Interactive has collaborated with more than 300 clients ranging from mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 corporations.

Aragen BioScience

Aragen Bioscience is a leading contract research organization focused on accelerating product development through high quality science, professionalism and innovation. Our integrated preclinical research offerings include: antibody discovery, antibody humanization, recombinant protein production and purification, cell-based and in vivo models of disease assays, and stable cell line development. Our team has been chosen for their scientific experience, expertise and diversity. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand each client’s unique needs both from a scientific as well as business perspective. This enables us to be not only a high quality service provider but also a preferred R&D partner. We are located in Morgan Hill, California. Our predecessor, Sierra BioSource, was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1993.


Arxspan provides a suite of web-based informatics applications, including electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), chemical/biological registration, assay registration, inventory management, and decision support for project-based research and development collaboration. Users can track internal research, manage incoming CRO data, and integrate Arxspan’s web-based, platform-independent user interface with existing enterprise knowledge management tools.

Sanfillipo Research Foundation

The Sanfilippo Research Foundation, dba Ben's Dream, is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization. The foundation is dedicated to promoting awareness and raising funds to support research aimed at finding a cure for all types of Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPS III), a rare and fatal genetic disorder.


At Bioverativ, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of people with hemophilia and other rare blood disorders. As an independent biotechnology company spun out of Biogen’s hemophilia business, we bring a strong legacy of innovation, world-class science, and commitment to the rare blood disorders community. We are united by a singular purpose: to create progress where patients need it most.

Greater Geneva Bern Area – Switzerland

The economic fabric of the Greater Geneva Bern area includes a number of centers of excellence, particularly in the fields of micro and nano-technologies, life sciences, information and communications technologies and clean technologies. The cantons which form the GGBa share the same philosophy and a common objective : to develop and maintain a competitive economy based on high value products and services. In order to achieve this goal, the GGBa supports the establishment of companies who are at the forefront of global innovation and who can bring complementary products and services to the existing economy.

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