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May 06, 2016


Biose is a French company dedicated to design and market the best therapeutic microbiotic ranges for human health.



ImaBiotech is a Contract Research Organization and provides innovative services to get better and faster drug candidate evaluations. With our new multimodal imaging platform and software called Multimaging, we deliver fast and more reliable evaluation of drug efficacy and toxicity. 

KnipBio has developed a series of naturally occurring microbes that convert low-cost feedstock into premium, nutritious, single-cell proteins laden with pigment-enhancing carotenoids to produce healthier, more vibrant fish. Our transformative value proposition represents a triple bottom line exceeding requirements for environmental, social and economic considerations. 

Nine bridges connect to the world's greatest biotech center We're building the Tenth Ten Bridge Communications is redefining the impact an agency can have on the growth of leading biotechnology companies. We are pioneering a new model that allows our senior leaders to become an embedded and strategic extension of our clients' leadership teams… and to stay that way for the duration of our engagement. 


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