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Dec 22, 2015

ChemPartnerThe ChemPartner USA division supports the global efforts of ChemPartner, a full service life science CRO, specializing in Chemistry, Biology, Biologics, DMPK & CMC for large and small molecules. We have deep and extensive pharmaceutical research experience and capabilities supporting drug discovery and development. Website

coldstash-logoCryogenics and cord blood banking, in particular, initially presented opportunities to improve on the status quo, add real value to clients and their customers, and improve their ROI. By taking a broader view of the market, and its needs, the ColdStash team has a single mission to develop a complete end-to-end product line that increases efficiencies, enhances storage capacities, improves worker safety and maximizes productivity and revenue generation. Website

codiakCodiak Biosciences is developing exosomes, natural vesicles that mediate inter-cellular communication, as both a powerful therapeutic modality and an advanced diagnostic system. Codiak is building a world-class team and has generated and acquired foundational intellectual property that will allow it to capitalize on the unique potential of exosome biology. Website


EH&E has earned a reputation for being an environmental consulting and engineering services firm that is focused, service-driven, and constantly exceeding clients’ expectations. Website



proteotheraProteoThera, Inc. is an early stage biotechnology company that is advancing drug targeting technology. The Company’s transformative platform technology, a proprietary tissue matrix-binding (MB) protein fusion technology, is being developed to improve clinical efficacy and safety of FDA approved and validated therapeutics to create a new paradigm in the treatment of autoinflammatory diseases and in tissue regeneration. Website

WaveGuide Corporation

Develop rapid Point-of-Testing (POT) handheld NMR that enables healthcare professionals to provide early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, tumor profiling and diagnosis of tuberculosis that allows immediate treatment, improves compliance, and reduces healthcare costs.

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