What We’re Reading: Prep for the CRO/CMO Symposium

Nov 12, 2015

Tomorrow is MassBio’s 4th Annual CRO/CMO Symposium, an event that shines a spotlight on the strength and success of the CRO and CMO communities in the Commonwealth. The Symposium draws more than 300 attendees to discuss and evaluate the best alternatives that have evolved in shortening time to market. A series of case studies, interactive panel discussions, and networking sessions provide ample time to explore the various techniques and approaches being used by both virtual and established companies.

We’ve compiled some material to read through in preparation for tomorrow’s event — or if you’re not attending, some intellectual articles to expand your knowledge of the CRO/CMO world!

Steven Richter1) What does Big Pharma Consolidation mean to CRO/CMO?
By: Steven G. Richter, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Accuratus Labs

According to Outsourcing Pharma, CDMO (175 companies surveyed) revenues are 39 billion in 2013 and ca. 48 billion in 2014. Of that 27 billion is just the CRO market with average yearly revenue growth of 8%. The CMC market is at 40 billion. The CDMO market is at 17 billion with a 6% growth rate with only a 30% penetration. The current trend is to reach 75 billion by end of 2016. This is driven by Big Pharma purchasing product lines and not manufacturing new products. New products are contracted out to CDMO companies such as Catalent, Lonza, Patheon /DPx (Patheon and DSM merger) and Aenova.

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2) Harvard Magazine’s Q&A with Willy Shih
By: Harvard Magazine

An interview on manufacturing with Willy C. Shih, professor of management practice, HBS’s technology and operations management unit.

“Part of the problem is that people don’t think of manufacturing as knowledge work. They think of it as someone putting in four screws 2,400 times a day—and there is a lot of that in the more mature assembly areas. But in a lot of manufacturing, a lot of value is created in commercialization and advanced manufacturing; a lot of that is sophisticated knowledge work.”

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Martorel3) Pharma Outsourcing Trends: Industry Leaders, Equity Financing, And Vendor Consolidation
By: Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader

The latest installment of the Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Monitor by Michael Martorelli and the pharmaceutical services team at Fairmount Partners is out, and this time around it provides an interesting look at the leaders in the world of outsourcing, and examines trends in equity financing, industry consolidation, and innovation.

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