Your Workforce Development Questions Answered

May 01, 2018

Are you struggling to attract and retain top talent? Do you wish higher education and industry were better aligned? Are you wondering what the future job market looks like? If you've asked yourself any of these questions, you won't want to miss MassBioEd's upcoming Life Sciences Workforce Conference, May 18th. Here is a preview of what you'll learn and who you'll hear from: 

How Do You Get a Job? Life Sciences Industry Experts Explain the Hiring Process at LSW 2018

Sarah Larson, Partner at Third Rock Ventures, will moderate a panel that includes Erin Boyer, Global Head of Talent Strategy and Planning at Alnylam, Rebecca Shocklee, Head of Human Resources at Brammer Bio, Kristen Stants, Vice President for Global Talent Acquisition at Alexion and Shawn Tang, Head of R&D Talent Acquisition at Biogen. Join educators and industry professionals alike as this panel pulls back the curtain to illuminate how hiring decisions are made at local life sciences companies. 

How is Disruptive Technology Impacting the Future of the Life Sciences Workforce?

Partners Healthcare’s Chris Coburn, The Broad’s Issi Rozen, Merck’s Lizabeth Leveille, and Harvard’s Brock Reeve to discuss Disruptive Technology’s Impact on the Future of the Life Sciences Workforce at LSW 2018.

President and CEO of MassBio Bob Coughlin will moderate this all-star panel as it considers how tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies will impact the life sciences’ future workforce.

With Diversity, Can Life Sciences Lead the Way? 

Recent research highlights the lack of minorities represented in the industry. With Travis McCready, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center serving as moderator, Jeffrey Herera, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Biogen, Melodie Knowlton, Head of Vertex’ Learning Lab, Vanecia Harrison-Sanders, Northeastern University’s Cooperative Education Coordinator, and the redoubtable Joan Reede, Dean of Diversity at Harvard Medical School.

Demand for PhDs is at an All-Time High! An All-Star Panel Will Discuss how this Critical Hiring Gap can be Filled

Jessica Tytell, Executive Director of the Biological Design Center at Boston University moderates a panel that includes AbbVie’s Bob Talanian, Director of Foundational Neurosciences, Takeda’s Mandy Redig, Associate Medical Director for Oncology Clinical Research, Anne Granger, Novartis’ Postdoctoral Program Head, and Joanne Kamens, Executive Director of Addgene, that will discuss steps that can help accelerate the flow of industry-ready PhDs into the workforce.

What is the Future in Work-based Learning?

Policy-makers want to introduce career experiences as early as high school. How does a heavily regulated industry such as the life sciences deliver work-based learning experiences to students?

Ann Lyons, Head of Training at Shire Pharmaceuticals, Yang Wang, Deputy Director of Product Discovery at MassBiologics, Ryan Mudawar, Director for Academic and Workforce Programs at the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, and Sean Gallagher, Executive Director of Northeastern University’s Center for the Future of  Higher Education and Talent Strategy will advance the discussion in a panel moderated by Debbie Hughes, Vice President for Higher Education and Workforce at The Business-Higher Education Forum.


Life Sciences Workforce 2018 takes place on May 18th at Northeastern University’s ISEC center. Registration is free for MassBio members. Claim your spot today! 

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