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2012 Sig Events

October 1, 2014
Oktoberfest Open House


September 4, 2014
New Funding Opportunities from the National Institutes for Neurological Disorders & Stroke (NINDS)

September 9, 2014
How to Maximize Your 2015 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Experience

September 26, 2014
Exploring the Evolving & Demanding Role of Human Resources in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Part II: It's STILL All About You

September 30, 3014
MassCONNECT Companies Present: Spotlight on Science

PC Seminars & Trainings

August 28, 2014


September 9, 2014
MLSC Tax Incentive Program Info Session

September 10, 2014
5th Annual Executing Global Clinical Trials Conference

September 11-12, 2014
4th Annual Dpharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials

September 15-16, 2014

September 16, 2014
Futures in Life Sciences: Bio-Informatics, Modeling & Systems Biology Career Paths

September 22-23, 2014
Boston Rare Disease Economics and Orphan Drug Commercialization Summit

October 14-15, 2014
4th Annual PODD, Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery

October 30-31, 2014
Boston Children's Hospital Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards 2014 Taking on Tomorrow

November 19, 2014
Harvard Drug Development Boot Camp 2014


September 16 & 23, 2014
Clinical Trial Overview: The Players, Process & Language, Fall 2014

September 18-19, 2014
Biotech 101 for Non-Scientists, Fall 2014

September 30, 2014
Strategic Thinking Skills

October 7-November 11, 2014
Managing Clinical Trials

October 8, 2014
Transition from Individual Contributor to Leader/Manager

October 8-November 12, 2014
Biotechnology Project Management

October 16, 2014
Leading and Managing Effective Teams

November 7, 2014
Influence Without Authority


*Please note these are not MassBio events.


August 14-16, 2014
ASF and Dup 15q Alliance Joint Scientific Symposium

August 21, 2014
Global Trends & Their Implications on Healthcare Logistics (Webinar)

August 26, 2014
Science Club for Girls Career Panel, Hosted by MASS AWIS

September 3-5, 2014
ASAP Bio Pharma Conference 2014

September 8, 2014
Pfizer Cambridge Collaborative Innovation Events: Bruce Katz, VP & Director of Brookings Institute "The Role of Metropolitan Areas Driving the Global & Local Economy"

September 9-11, 2014
Strategies in Biophotonics

September 9-12, 2014
Life Sciences Baltics 2014

September 10, 2014
Pay or Play...Ready or Not!

September 10, 2014
2014 NEDMDG Fall Meeting: Are We Getting the Best Return on Investment From Drug-Drug Interaction Studies?

September 10, 2014
2014 New England BioSafety Association Symposium

September 11, 2014
The Road to the Biologic IND - Best Practices When Filing Biologic Investigational New Drug Applications

September 11-13, 2014
Biennial Conference on Resting State / Brain Connectivity

September 15, 2014
Key Trends in Immunotherapy Investment, Collaboration and Pipeline Strategies

September 15, 2014
Pfizer Cambridge Collaborative Innovation Events: Professor Gary Pisano of Harvard Business School "The Geography of Knowledge: How Location Matters to Innovation"

September 15-16, 2014
The 4th Mastering Immunogenicity Summit

September 16, 2014
HBA Boston Chapter's Annual Healthcare Forum: "Can Innovation Survive Healthcare Reform?"

September 17, 2014
Redefining Early Stage Investments III (RESI)

September 18, 2014
Playing a Game of Chance: Understanding the Differences Between Sweepstakes, Contests and Illegal Lotteries

September 20, 2014
MASS AWIS 10th Anniversary Celebration "Grow Your Career in STEM"

September 24, 2014
Complimentary Webinar - Imaging & Motor Testing of Muscular & Neuromuscular Deficiencies

September 29-October 3, 2014
Ergonomics and Human Factors: Strategic Solutions for Workplace Safety and Health

*Please note these are not MassBio trainings.

August 18-20, 2014
Measurement, Design, and Analysis Methods for Health Outcomes Research

August 20, 2014
Free Lunch & Learn: Defining Quality Culture

September 2, 2014
Fall BU Biotech & Clinical Research Courses Start

September 9-11, 2014
Hands-On Course: Intact Protein Analysis including Top-Down Mass Spectrometry

September 16-17, 2014
Human Error Prevention and Reduction

September 24-26, 2014
Hands-on LC/MS Glycoprotein and Glycan Analysis

September 25-December 4, 2014 (Thursdays)
Essentials of Initiating Clinical Research

September 29-October 2, 2014
29th Annual Critical Issues in Tumor Microenvironment, Angiogenesis, Metastasis and Immunology

*Please note these are not MassBio events.
August 28, 2014
KSA Film Night

September 17, 2014
2014 Fall WPI Career Fair

September 26, 2014
Wake Up Narcolepsy - Boston! 2014

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