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2012 Sig Events

June 23-26, 2014


April 10, 2014
Around the World in 120 Days: Europe 101 - Opportunities for Collaboration & New Markets

April 29, 2014
Innovation & New Opportunities in Pulmonary Drug Delivery for Local & Systemic Treatment of Chronic Diseases

April 30, 2014
Grow Your Own: Proactively Recognizing & Developing Top Performers

May 13, 2014
Around the World in 120 Days: Asia 101 - Survey of the Life Sciences

May 21, 2014
Potent Compounds, APIs & Intermediates


June 17, 2014
Around the World in 120 Days: Latin America 101 - Opportunities South of the Border

PC Seminars & Trainings

April 22, 2014
FREE DOT Hazmat Training for MassBio Members (WebEx)


April 23, 2014
LIMS Paperless CONNECTS - Thermo Fisher Informatics Lunch & Learn


April 9, 2014
Genetown Career Fair

April 15, 2014
Voices Carry: How History Informs Present Advocacy in the Biotech Industry

April 15, 2014
Futures in Life Sciences: Research and Development Career Paths

April 16, 2014
Xconomy Forum: What's Hot in Boston Biotech

May 12-14, 2014
BioTrinity: European Biopartnering & Investment Conference

May 13, 2014
Futures in Life Sciences: Clinical Development, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs Career Paths

May 20, 2014
Naturejobs Career Expo
May 21-23, 2014
13th Annual World Pharma Congress: Tackling Translational Challenges
June 3, 2014
Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation Day 2014

June 4-5, 2014
Boston CEO Conference

June 27, 2014
US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit

November 19, 2014
Harvard Drug Development Boot Camp 2014


May 9, 2014
Delivering Difficult Information

May 15-16, 2014
Biotech 101 for Non-Scientists

May 28, 2014
Strategic Thinking Skills

June 13, 2014
Negotiation Tactics for Scientists

June 20, 2014
Transition from Individual Contributor to Leader/Manager


*Please note these are not MassBio events.

April 8, 2014
Start Up Meet Up: Science and Engineering Edition

April 8, 2014
Inside Cambridge Biotechnology: The Investment Crisis in Life Science

April 10, 2014
Annual Economic Development Summit

April 10, 2014
Early-Stage Life Sciences Technology Conference X

April 10-13, 2014
International Conference on Oncolytic Virus Therapeutics

April 11, 2014
How to Build a Cap Table and Understand the Dilution Impact of Early-Stage Investment
April 16, 2014
Cellometer New England User Group Meeting
April 22, 2014
"Modeling Human Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach"
April 23, 2014
The Neurotech Investing & Partnering Conference
April 23, 2014
SBIR Event: Ninth Annual ASSETs Forum - Meet Corporate VC & Large Firm Partners

April 24, 2014
How to Start a Successful Biotech with Non-existent Capital

April 24, 2014
Elemental Impurities: Are you ready? (Webinar)

April 25-26, 2014
Imaging Biomarkers In Clinical Trials Conference

April 26, 2014
28th New England Statistics Symposium

April 28, 2014
Companion Diagnostics: From Biomarker Identification to Market Entry

April 29, 2014
Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

May 2, 2014
An Introduction to the SBIR Program: Using Government Money to Fund Your R&D What is it? When do I pursue it and How?

May 2, 2014
Models to Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

May 4-6, 2014
The Diagnostics Summit

May 13, 2014
Inside Cambridge Biotechnology: Harnessing RNA Interference

*Please note these are not MassBio trainings.

April 8, 2014
Troubleshooting the Biomanufacturing Process and Root Cause Analysis

April 14, 2014
Radiation Safety Officer Training for Laboratory Professionals

April 15-18, 2014
Design of Critical Utilities for Biomanufacturing Facilities

April 29-30, 2014
Cleaning Validation

May 1-2, 2014
Quality by Design

May 5, 2014
Guidelines for Laboratory Design: Health and Safety Considerations

May 12, 2014
Genomic Medicine and the Bioeconomy: Innovation for a Better World

May 19, 2014
Effective Risk Communication: Theory, Tools, and Practical Skills for Communication about Risk

*Please note these are not MassBio events.
April 8, 2014
HBA Boston Chapter's ConnectCafe

April 10, 2014
Meet with... Breakout Labs

April 18-27, 2014
Cambridge Science Festival
April 19, 2014
OvaScience and RESOLVE: The National Infertility Network Sponsor Benefit Concert in Boston to Fund Patient Advocacy and Education Programs


April 23, 2014
Bio Flash Mob 3: Immune Cells Fight Cancer
April 24 ,2014
MHS & DHS Information Session

April 30, 2014
Regulatory Affairs & Health Policy Information Session 
May 15, 2014
Battle of the Biotech Bands

May 30, 2014
Nominations for Prix Galien USA are now open - Deadline is May 30th, 2014

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