2020-21 Blavatnik Fellowship at Yale: Applications are now being accepted

Jan 27, 2020

Yale seeks promising scientists and business people to fill four coveted positions

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The Blavatnik Fellowship at Yale is designed to identify promising scientists and business people with a passion for biomedical entrepreneurship, to provide a hands-on experience for building their entrepreneurial skills, while simultaneously providing mentorship and professional development responsibilities. Building on the prior success of trainee programs currently running at Yale, which engage both graduate students in the life sciences as well as MBA students, this proposal seeks to leverage those efforts and position the Blavatnik Fellow as the “highest station” in the graduate fellowship ecosystem. This is a one-year fellowship. 

The advancement of pharmaceutical and biomedical technologies towards the market requires the sustained involvement of both scientific innovators as well as entrepreneurial business leaders who can rationally assess and de-risk new approaches.  Now entering its second year at Yale, the Blavatnik Life Science Fellowship seeks to engage young professionals with advanced training in the life sciences and business, to further catalyze Yale’s new venture ecosystem in close partnership with Yale faculty innovators.  

Projects may include but are not limited to: assisting faculty and OCR staff in developing more complete development plans for potential funding by the Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale; conducting independent analyses of the market potential of new life science technologies; partnering with specific faculty on high potential projects; and overseeing the timely completion of project work conducted by external contract research organizations. Consistently communicate with the various project teams and key stakeholders, via written or face-to-face communication, to ensure they are fully informed of the project's progression. The Fellows will also be actively engaged in the Yale Innovation Summit in May 2020, the key event of the entire calendar year for the Yale community to interact with investors and other like-minded visitors.

Blavatnik Fellows enjoy a unique set of advantages:

  • Professional development and training on a range of topics, including commercial strategy, R&D management, intellectual property, regulatory affairs, business development, and entrepreneurial financing 
  • Mentorship by distinguished business and science leaders of regional biopharma and health technology communities    
  • Leadership opportunities, including the opportunity to join and develop founding teams of new ventures     
  • Financial support in the form of a one-year salary and benefits plus access to funding for due diligence, market research, licensing options and other commercial activities arising from the fellowship 

Application Guidelines:

Preferred applicants will have some – or all – of the following:

  • A PhD in the life sciences or M.D. with experience in evaluating commercialization opportunities through either corporate internships or other business-oriented extracurricular activities,
  • Acumen in the life sciences to effectively interface with a wide variety of faculty exploring novel concepts in therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices,
  • Research and/or work experience in a health-related field, and
  • Experience in project management or interfacing with external contract research organizations

The Fellowship year is June 2020 through May 2021. Fellows receive a $95K salary plus benefits over the 12 months as well as an expense budget to support enterprise creation. Fellows will be provided with work space at Yale. This is a full-time, on-site fellowship.

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