Accelerating small molecule discovery chemistry by optimizing your Design-Make-Test-Analyze workflow

Aug 26, 2020

Posted by Cresset

Coordinating new molecule chemistry through the Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle has never been more important or more challenging. Each project in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can adopt a wide range of strategies such as fragment-based, ligand-based, or structure-based approaches to prosecute candidates for their targets. Combined with these are varied business models which see compounds synthesized across a wide range of geographies and organizations – a situation that has been amplified under COVID-19 induced lockdowns. These effects mean the DMTA cycle is the one common process throughout the majority of projects so it is under pressure to deliver more efficiency at a time when processes naturally segment information.

Torx™ uses DMTA as a guide to manage small molecule chemistry projects to a successful outcome whatever the business model adopted. It provides a central platform for coordination of team work, dissemination of information, and knowledge capture. In a presentation, delivered at the Cresset User Group Meeting, we demonstrated the fundamental principles of Torx and describe Torx Design and Torx Make in detail, showing how they enable users to take control of their drug discovery process.

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