Asymmetrex® Interviewed by Tech Company News About Plans to Introduce Online Rapid-Counting Calculators for Quantifying Therapeutic Tissue Stem Cells

Aug 04, 2022

Asymmetrex® CEO Discusses Introducing Online Rapid Stem Cell-Counting Calculators

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In an August 2 feature in Tech Company News, stem cell biotechnology company Asymmetrex®’s CEO disclosed the company’s plans to release its first generation of online calculators for rapid counting of therapeutic tissue stem cells.  The company is previewing the new online calculator portals with selected members of stem cell science and stem cell medicine communities now in anticipation of a first preview to cell culture core facilities nationwide in September of this year.


Tech Company News and its affiliated online news outlet, Superb Crew, have been following the stem cell biotechnology business progress of Massachusetts stem cell biotechnology company Asymmetrex® for several years.  In TCN’s most recent feature article interviewing Asymmetrex® President and CEO James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D., TCN learned more about the company’s new plans to introduce, some time in 2022, the first-ever rapid-counting calculators for determining the specific fraction and dosage of therapeutic tissue stem cells.


The first indication of Asymmetrex®’s plans appeared in a lead article in the recent June issue of the online newsletter of the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation.  The Parent’s Guide article described Asymmetrex®’s first-in-kind tissue stem cell counting technology and its applications, highlighting use for determining the dosage of cord blood stem cell treatments.  Though the Parent’s Guide article anticipated Asymmetrex®’s new online rapid-counting calculators, it had few specifics on how they worked and when they would be available.


TCN learned that online portals for the new rapid-counting calculators are already being evaluated by several academic groups and research agencies in the stem cell and regenerative medicine space.  The company plans to have its first official launch of online rapid-counting calculator portals for free previewing by cell culture core facilities nationwide by mid-September of this year.


The first online portal for preview will debut calculators for CD34+ umbilical cord blood stem cells and fat-tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells.  Both stem cell types are presently actively utilized in stem cell research and stem cell medicine.  With the new online calculators, for the first time, investigators using preparations containing these cells will be able to quantify their specific fraction or dosage routinely.


“By making them available to the directors of cell culture core facilities first, more stem cell investigators can get access to them sooner,” says CEO Sherley.  “Every 3 to 4 months, Asymmetrex® will roll out new calculators into these portals for preview.  And we can also provide custom rapid-counting calculators for user-specific stem cell sources and production conditions.  Counting tissue stem cells accurately and fast is something stem cell science and stem cell medicine have needed for a very long time.  It’s here now, and will appear in greater volume in September.”



About Asymmetrex®


Asymmetrex®, LLC is a Massachusetts life sciences company with a focus on developing technologies to advance stem cell medicine.  The company’s U.S. and U.K. patent portfolio contains biotechnologies that solve the two main technical problems – stem cell-specific quantification and stem cell expansion – that have stood in the way of more-effective use of human adult tissue stem cells for regenerative medicine and drug development.  Asymmetrex markets kinetic stem cell (KSC) counting, the first technology for determination of the dose and quality of tissue stem cell preparations for use in stem cell transplantation medicine and pre-clinical drug evaluations.  Asymmetrex® is a member company of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute|BioFabUSA (ARMI) and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio).

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