Asymmetrex Issued U.S. Trademark Registration for Business Name

Apr 14, 2022

Asymmetrex becomes ASYMMETREX®

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On April 5, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the trademark registration “Asymmetrex,” to stem cell biotechnology company Asymmetrex, LLC.  The new trademark registration brands the company’s name for supplying testing and biomanufacturing services for therapeutic tissue stem cells used in stem cell research, stem cell treatments, and drug evaluations.


On April 5, 2022, Boston, Massachusetts stem cell biotechnology company Asymmetrex, LLC was issued a trademark registration for its company name “Asymmetrex.”  The name Asymmetrex was coined to embody both the biological principle for the company’s stem cell technology development and the company’s primary business service.


Asymmetrex’s technology development is based on the research of its founder, President, and CEO, James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D.  Dr. Sherley’s past academic research teams defined biological mechanisms that control the essential function of tissue stem cells in the body, the asymmetric renewal of mature tissue cells.  Their research yielded a portfolio of patents for inventions that enable the biomanufacturing of therapeutic tissue stem cells and the only available method for counting all the many types of stem cells, found in different organs and tissues, after they are isolated from the body.


The -metrex in the new trademark signifies the company’s current primary business development focus.  Asymmetrex’s kinetic stem cell (KSC) counting technologies can determine the specific fraction of tissue stem cells in production samples and quantify their specific dosage in treatment samples.  For the previous half-century of stem cell science and stem cell medicine, no method was available to obtain such essential information for studying tissue stem cells, biomanufacturing them, and developing more-effective treatments with them.


Founder Sherley envisions that with adoption of Asymmetrex’s technology, “In a few years, everyone who needs to count the tissue stem cells they are using will be able to do so routinely.”  In the most recent advance in Asymmetrex’s KSC counting technology, it has validated equations called “Rabbit algorithms” [] that provide rapid counting of commercially available therapeutic tissue stem cells like blood stem cells.  Later this year, these innovative counting tools will be available as online calculators on the company’s website.


President and CEO Sherley shares, “We provide online calculators on our website now for commonly used cell measurements, like cell culture doublings and cell culture population doubling times.  The new future is calculators that convert these common cell measurements into tissue stem cell-specific fraction and tissue stem cell-specific dosage.  That future is here now with our new trademark, Asymmetrex.”


About Asymmetrex


Asymmetrex, LLC is a Massachusetts life sciences company with a focus on developing technologies to advance stem cell medicine.  The company’s U.S. and U.K. patent portfolio contains biotechnologies that solve the two main technical problems – stem cell-specific quantification and stem cell expansion – that have stood in the way of more-effective use of human adult tissue stem cells for regenerative medicine and drug development.  Asymmetrex markets kinetic stem cell (KSC) counting, the first technology for determination of the dose and quality of tissue stem cell preparations for use in stem cell transplantation medicine and pre-clinical drug evaluations.  Asymmetrex is a member company of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute | BioFabUSA (ARMI) and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

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