Available Now – Thermo Fisher Scientific TSQ Quantiva Triple-Stage Mass Spectrometer with Vanquish UPLC Plus

Mar 04, 2020

Equipped with Heated ESI Probe, Thermo Scientific Charger, Split Sampler, and more

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Global asset management company, EquipNet Inc., is helping a leading R&D company to sell its used Thermo Fisher Scientific TSQ Quantiva Triple-Stage Mass Spectrometer. The listing is equipped with a Heated ESI Probe, a Thermo Scientific Charger (Vanquish) Charger Module [42103341], a Thermo Scientific Split Sampler FT [Serial Number: 8302764] with deep well rack, and a Thermo Scientific Column Compartment H [6301038].

The Mass Spectrometer includes the following:

  • Shallow well rack
  • Computer
  • TSQ Endura / TSQ Quantiva 2.0 Instrument Control Software
  • Chromeleon 7 Chromatography Data System
  • Chromeleon 6.80 Service Release SR15b
  • Example Data for Xcalibur 3.0 Software
  • Xcalibur LC Devices 3.0
  • Xcalibur 4.0
  • TraceFinder 3.3 SP1
  • SII for Xcalibur v 1.3


  • Manufacturer – Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • CE Marked – Yes
  • Model – TSQ Quantiva
  • Type of Mass Spec – Triple Stage Quad

If you are interested in inspecting this Mass Spectrometer or would like more information, please contact Dennis Higgins at dhiggins@equipnet.com | (781) 746-2751, or view the listing page here for complete details and additional photos.

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